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Are Referrals Even Worth if for Your Cleaning Company?

When I was growing my ServiceMaster franchise I relied a lot on referrals. The problem was I didn’t really know how to ask for them. Even when I was successful in getting referrals I felt like they were semi-random and didn’t help me scale my business.

Through a lot of hard work and thinking I had two epiphanies that fixed everything. The first one I had was I needed to ship from asking for referrals to providing value. The second one was I could automate the process which allowed me to be confident and successful.

Here are my top tips on how you go from asking to giving.

Don’t offer money for referrals but share something amazing they have experienced. Stories are always more effective than pitches
Create a system for an offer. Having a system will make it possible to get great referrals whether you miss one. This is an excellent tool to have with many and a terrible tool on its own.

Watch the video to learn all about how getting good referrals can change your business.

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