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When looking for Cleaning Services in New Rochelle, NY you need an Office Cleaning Services company that you can trust, giving you professional quality work and personalized customer service. B2B Cleaning Services specializes in Professional Office Cleaning, serving Lower Westchester, Manhattan and the Bronx. Call 914.2005224 today for a free quote.

Cleaning Service in New Rochelle NY
Cleaning Services in New Rochelle NY
Professional Cleaning in New Rochelle NY
Office Cleaning Service in New Rochelle NY
Cleaning Service in Westchester County NY
Cleaning Services in Westchester County NY
Professional Cleaning in Westchester County NY
I would normally go to somebody’s house and just start cleaning without them asking. It just comes natural. It’s a passion. I think I was born cleaning. She’s always had a passion for cleaning. That kind of rubbed off on me. So we always kept our house nice and clean and people would always admire that. People there were always like, “Oh, I wish you could come to my house and clean.” And we were like, “We will.” [MUSIC] There is an advantage being a small cleaning company. We can get the client personalized attention, which you don’t really get with a big cleaning company. They tend to treat you more like a number, we treat you like people. I see their place like my place. I like to keep my place clean and I like to make sure that their place is clean also. We try to customize a client’s cleaning program by first finding out what is the client’s needs and then adapt our program to their needs. Cleanliness is not only about the dirt you do see, but the dirt you don’t see. According to research, some desks, keyboards, and mice can be dirtier than the toilet seat. We properly sanitize all of those areas, which by the way we call hotspots. Our approach with cleaning products is using non-toxic, safe for the environment cleaning products and cleansers. Green products are just as efficient as the commercial grade cleaning products. We have conversations with the crew before and after they’re trained to my standards on what it should be, so they know what they need to do. They see Jamie and I. They know that were husband and wife. The customers like that. They like to see the owners that are and involved, and we’re there. B2B Cleaning Services, professional office cleaning service with a personal touch.

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