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EXPLODE Your Cleaning Company With Pay Per Click Traffic- Discover PPC Now!

Have you ever wanted to know how Pay Per Click (PPC) works with your janitorial marketing plan? Today is your lucky day as host Mike Campion dive’s into marketing your janitorial company using PPC with guest expert Ed Stapleton from Clicks Geek.

We talk about the eight hundred pound gorilla in the PPC world as well as what other pay to play platforms are out there.

Tune in and learn why Pay Per Click ads are so much MORE valuable than other forms of advertising and why customer intent is so important.

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Discover what interruption marketing and direct response marketing mean to your cleaning business and which one you should avoid and why.

We talk about typical mistakes owners of cleaning companies make in their pay per click marketing and how you can avoid them as well as how to determine a budget for your janitorial PPC marketing.

Listen in on expert secrets to PPC marketing and how to use negative keywords to save you money as well as how crucial a well written ad is to get people to click. We dive into janitorial marketing concepts that work online as well as offline and with paid as well as organic traffic.

Learn why working with an expert can help you get the MOST out of your paid traffic marketing budget for your cleaning or janitorial company.

KNOW how to peek into your prospects mind and understand what their pain points are and how to speak their language- how to jump into the conversation that is already going on in their head.

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Before the show ends we talk about the ONE THING you MUST do to make your pay per click campaigns successful.

Here are some gems for a brand new adwords person:
go to a blog page to learn how to set it up
set up the account
Tell adwords how much you want to spend per day
Then title your account
select your geographic area

One of the biggest mistake people make with google adwords is not having a landing page – don’t send traffic to your home page- this causes leakage. Send paid traffic to a specific page with an offer or a call to action and not give them the opportunity to look around and lose interest
Be specific on your landing page, if you are advertizing to a specific prospect, don’t mention any other services they want on the landing page for that ad
Message to market match is huge

Another key is to make sure you have a good sales process in place to work with your ppc lead acquisition

We also talk about the fact that you might not be paying for ppc but your competitors are. From a marketing standpoint there isn’t a better customer that just typed in looking for your service in your area. When you choose not to participate in that, you are handicapping yourself.

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