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How Important is Accounting for YOUR Cleaning Company with Jolene Vossen

When to Hire an Accountant for Your Cleaning Company

Today Mike talks with Jolene Vossen from Clean 4 You in Wichita Kansas. You can find out more about Jolene and her team at:

Mike coaches Jolene on the super important topic of how to handle accounting for your cleaning company, the differences between accountants and bookkeepers and when to hire who.

The foundation of this episode is the understanding that you MUST know your numbers to be able to run your cleaning company and you must track well before you can know those numbers.

The three main things that need to happen in your cleaning business are:

Tracking info
Reporting info
Making good data based decisions with that info
And our least favorite… figuring out and paying the right amount of taxes

The problem is, most owners of cleaning companies, janitorial and maid services don’t know who should be doing what…

Mike talks about why you can’t always trust your accountant or CPA to give the best advice around where your money should be spent and how to KNOW who you CAN trust.

He also covers why it is so important you do have a CPA and what kind of mess you can get into without one.

BONUS: Learn how to stop confusing your CPA with a solid business consultant

You will also discover the three MUST have financial reports you need to run your cleaning company and how to get them.

We also talk about the DANGERS of hiring a bookkeeper- when to hire one and how to do it right. This is a much more important position than most owners of cleaning companies recognize- they control the data and if you don’t know your numbers, you can’t run your business.

The problem is, even if you do have the good numbers, you still need someone you can trust to translate those numbers for you. The way to get the most value out of your numbers and reports is to understand what they should be in your business (residential, commercial, construction clean up, floors, carpets, disaster restoration, etc) so you can use that information to guide you on where to spend your time and energy.

Find out why waiting until tax time to hire your CPA can be an expensive decision. Just to round things out nicely, Mike finishes strong with a mini rant on systems around your bookkeeping and accounting to keep the work/ headache/ homicidal tendencies to a minimum and your happy fun work time maxed out.

HINT: If you are spending more than 20 hours/ month on bookkeeping, it’s time for a change

BONUS: Find out the perfect litmus test to know if you can trust your bookkeeper, CPA, brother in law to give good advice about your cleaning company

Enough of all this talk- long story short, it is your job as a business owner to know what the numbers mean and to make sure that you and everyone in your organization is doing their part to achieve YOUR vision as the business owner.

Once Mike is done jabbering, Jolene brings the heat with the Lightening Round and gives some great tips on how to be the best version of yourself and keeping sanity in your life. Don’t miss it!

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