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How to Build a Successful Cleaning Company

Today we’re chatting with Janice Resendez who has just opened a new cleaning company in Denver!

Janice, like many new cleaning companies, wants to hit the ground running and be able to get a large amount of clients very fast. Who wouldn’t want more clients from day one? The thing is there are a TON of tools to go out there and get clients, but they will cost you something.

The two resources these tools require are either time or money. Since most cleaning companies just starting out don’t have a lot of money to spend yet, that means they’re going have to clock in the sweat equity and really pump the hours required to gain new clients.

One thing that won’t be working in Janice’s favor here is that her target market are commercial contracts. Typically, commercial contracts pay way more than residential but they often take a lot more effort to get. Since clients are only buying when they’re ready versus when we’re selling, trying to get these clients fast can be a challenge in of itself.

A better way is to set up good marketing systems that will provide valuable content to your target market over the long haul. This way you can catch them when they are ready to buy, instead of hoping your sales pitch is good enough to convert them right away. While this is a great option for long term growth, it won’t get the ball rolling.

So what will?

I call it my TIME Method.

TIME stands for:

Telephone – Doing cold calls to businesses is a classic, free and easy to implement way of gaining clients
In Person – I’m not a big fan of cold canvassing in the traditional sense. Instead, I would use the phone to get invited to come by the office to show a full presentation of what you can do.
Direct Mail – Mail is a fantastic option to get clients relatively quickly, though it won’t be as potentially quick as the telephone option. You’ll need to spend time on creating the copy, buying a list of businesses and the actual cards to send out, and distribute your mailing. This all takes time. Plus, if you’re short on money, this might not be the method for you since it does take some initial investment to get going.
Email – Cold emails are free to send. You need to be careful though and make sure you’re following all ICANN-Spam regulations to make sure you’re not spamming people

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For most people in Janice’s situation, the phone is going be there go-to choice for acquiring clients quick. You need to have the right expectations before you begin. If your goal is to get 5 new clients in two weeks, then you’ll likely need to give a presentation to at least 15 people since not everyone is going to accept your proposal. In order to get 15 people that say yes to you bidding on the job, you’ll probably need contact close to 500 businesses.

That means if your goal is to get those 5 new clients in 14 days, you’ll need to be cold calling at least 35-40 people per day.

To increase your chances of success, it is to understand how a cold call works. Instead of going into a sales pitch right away, do a pattern interrupt. This could be as simple as asking someone how they are doing. Next, you don’t want to sell your services but rather position yourself as someone looking for help. Tell them you’re a cleaning company and you were just curious if they’d at all be open to helping you figure out what is more important to them when it comes to hiring cleaning companies.

Most people hate being sold to but they love helping others. You can play into this to really find out what their pain points are, and then when it comes to your bidding you can make sure to include how your service will solve all those pain points for them.

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Finally, provide them value.

You want them to know you won’t be wasting their time. You could use humor like saying you’ll give $100 to their favorite charity if they didn’t like the meeting (almost zero people will actually tell you to give $100 to a charity after a meeting), or you could do something simple like baking them some cookies when you go to the meeting. Little things like this go a long way in converting prospects into genuine clients.

Now, can you ACTUALLY get 5 new clients in just two weeks as a new cleaning company?


Is it easy? Noway.

It will take a lot of hustle, grit and determination on your part. You’re going have to go through the No’s, and A LOT of them to get to your clients.

But if you do it, and persevere, you know you’ll have the ability to generate clients any time you want. They’re just a phone call away.

Alright, let’s dive into the Lightning Round!

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