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Leave Your Cleaning Company Competition in the Dust

Have you ever felt like you were “losing out” to bigger competitors in your area?

Trying to…
Compete on price?
Compete by going on cattle call style job-walks?
Compete by getting small business & minority certifications?

When I had my cleaning company, I tried them all.

In the end, after trying everything I thought would give me the edge I needed, I learned that no matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t going to be able to compete.

The real problem was I didn’t have a viable, scalable business model.

This cost me over a decade and millions of dollars in wasted money and lost opportunity!

But when I got obsessed with watching business owners who got results and who didn’t – I realized there were really THREE vital parts (or models) to a successful business.

Most owners had one or two…but not all THREE.

Here are all 3 key “models” you NEED in this video!

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