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We often get many enquiries about resurfacing a surface which may look worn out, tired and damaged, when in reality; it’s all just dirt, moss and algae! As resurfacing can cost a lot of money, we offer a great alternative to get your surfaces back to the quality they were when installed in a matter of minutes. Introducing Osprey Cleaning Services.

With our team having expert knowledge on a wide variety of different surfaces from paving, wetpour, resin bound, polymeric and more, our team of Osprey Cleaners will make sure that your surfaces are back to the prime quality they once were!

Dan explains the process in this video and how surfaces look before hand (when many clients want to resurface it) to how they look after a clean. The results are amazing and hopefully you can see that in this video. For more information of our cleaning services and/or if you want to get a FREE quote, check out our website:

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