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Professional cleaning services in high demand amid COVID-19 pandemic

For people in the cleaning industry, peak season typically falls right before Spring Festival. Not this year. Cleaners report that business is still booming long past the end of the Lunar New Year holiday. Amid the pandemic, there”s been an upsurge of inquiries from people in need of disinfection. From door handles to washing machines, people are turning to the professionals for a deep clean.

He gears up with gloves, a respirator and other equipment and gets down to business. From the handle on the front door, to the shoe rack, to the crevices of each corner, every nook and cranny is thoroughly disinfected. Washing machine cleaning has also become a much sought-after service.

The washing machine cover is detached and the drum is pulled out to get sprayed with a cleaning product. A powerful jet of water gets rid of the grime accumulated over the years. After the wash, the dull brown drum shines a squeaky clean silver. Amid the COVID-19 epidemic, more people are now wary of germs on their garments. They”re willing to pay to have their washers spick-and-span.

Today the client has requested a disinfection for the living room. Using a machine, the cleaner fills the air with a germ-killing agent. Demand for disinfection services has skyrocketed.

We”re often outside, so we are afraid that we bring germs into the house. After all, the things we can do are quite limited. They do a comprehensive disinfection. It helps us feel more at ease living here.

With cases piling up, some fear they”ll track in viruses as they come in the house. That”s resulted in a boon for the cleaning industry. At this company, each cleaner used to get 48 assignments a month. Now, that”s up to 96 assignments, and all the cleaners are fully booked.

Huang Chiong-yi
Cleaning company
After the epidemic broke out, people began attaching more importance to the cleanliness of their homes and to disinfection. People are washing their clothes more frequently, and our clients ask us to clean their washing machines more now. As for air conditioning units, when you turn the air con on, if there is a moldy smell or if some filth is blown out, it”s a sign you need a more intensive clean.

Many envision their home as a safe haven, where they can take off their face masks and get a break from the pandemic. That dream has delivered a bonanza for cleaning services.

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