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Process and Water, a leading provider of commercial and industrial water treatment and recycling systems and services has recently expanded its business with two new service offerings. The new services provide regeneration of the resins and reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaning and restoration as well as portable DI tank exchange.

Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning script: Regardless of their applications they are used in, every reverse osmosis system requires periodic cleaning due to fouling and scaling that occur as the membranes separate impurities from feed waters. Process and Water’s new RO membrane cleaning and restoration service utilizes high-quality cleaning solutions and a thorough cleaning regimen to restore customers’ RO membranes to nearly new performance levels.

While the actual membrane cleaning is handled offsite, Process and Water staff members comes to customers’ facilities to remove in-place membranes, replace them with reconditioned membranes, or install loaner membranes if necessary. Process and Water conducts pre- and post-testing of all cleaned RO membranes, and provides customers with reports detailing the cleaning process and resulting membrane performance Improvements in terms of flow restoration and salt rejection. In short, this new Process and Water service is a reliable and cost-effective way for customers to improve the performance of their RO systems and to extend the effective service life time of their RO membranes.


• Physical inspection to identify signs of, telescoping, visible fouling or external damage on the feed spacer.

• With membrane manufacturers’ specifications, each element is wet tested at standard conditions to compare permeate flow, differential pressure, and salt rejection.

• In its own housing, each element is cleaned in the membrane cleaning station using a combination of cleaning formulas.

• Each membrane is post tested and the data normalized to confirm the performance improvement.

• If the elements are not being immediately re-installed into a system, a preservative can be added at the customers’ request.

• Elements are sealed in a poly bag and boxed for transport. A copy of the membrane cleaning certificate identifying pre and post-test data is returned with each membrane.

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