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Setting Up Your Automated Email Marketing for Cleaning Services

Learn how to automate your marketing for cleaning services. Today today Mike coaches Peter Boland, return guest and owner of Oracle Building Maintenance!

First things first, avoid overwhelm and start small. It’s better to have something in place sooner that works than taking months getting something complex in place.

Let’s break down 3 key points to marketing for cleaning services:

Know who your customers are and what they want
Have a trained sales force in place
Automate and supercharge the process already in place with email marketing, funnel marketing, or automated marketing!

KEY POINT: Get control of how your commercial cleaning business acquires emails and how you use them

Oracle Building Maintenance acquires emails from purchased lists. They then start cold calling individuals to establish a relationship prior to emailing. Over time, when customers need services, they will think of Oracle first because he’s already established a relationship.

KEY POINT: Customers will buy when they are ready! Not when you want to sell

Make sure you have systems in place that are automated to keep track of everything so that when customers are ready…so are you!

For the most successful email marketing plans: Be aware of the stage your customers are In!

New clients: Emailing is more aggressive (daily) and then there’s a weaning off
Clients that show least amount of interest-touch base about every five weeks

KEY POINT: Segment your messaging for maximum effect

Segmenting your emails for each customer is imperative. What is segmenting? Just think: Different email messages for each client.

For Example: In the commercial cleaning business, if you have four or five different verticals you need to deal with each one of those as a different situation. A medical facility needs will be different from what your customer at a car dealership will want and those needs will then vary for your consumer at a warehouse.
2 Key points to Segmentation:

Niche and Interview
Pick a niche
Interview them to understand who they are and what their “pain” is.
Know where they are in the sales cycle
Prospective client who just showed interest will have a different message and frequency than existing clients or clients who just quit.
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SIDE NOTE ON LEAD MAGNETS HERE: While we are on the subject, let’s chat about these lead magnets really quickly! Various lead magnets get different responses from different people. The emails here will vary dependent upon issues and lead magnets.

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Let’s chat about how many emails a commercial cleaning business should put out in order to keep customers engaged.

How much is too much? Let’s break it all down for you in terms of this timing factor:

Be aggressive at the beginning, then peel off.
At the end of every month, everyone ends up in the same, final email funnel!
This is an email that you “ping” customers with at least once a month.
This is a generic email to keep contact going between you and your customers.
Find the Frequency!

In terms of frequency—as long as you’re bringing value and interest to the clients, it won’t be a problem. Keep in mind, “filler” emails won’t “fly” with customers. Fewer emails that are higher in quality and content are better than just every day “fluff” or “filler”.

What is Considered a “Valuable” Email?

Get a “consumer pulse” by checking on the engagement of your customers! If you’re getting lots of clicks, response, shares, and buzz this tells you that your customers find the information valuable! If it’s “dead” like radio silence…you probably have not hit a nerve!

How to Engage and get a “Pulse” on What’s Valuable from your Customers:

Speak to your customers! Involve them!
Send an email stating that you’re posting a survey to discover what they would like to hear more of in their emails!
Tell clients that you will reveal the answers from the survey of all customers involved.
Surveys can be serious in nature or humorous from time to time! Mix them up!

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