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How Do I Start a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Most Cleaners want Commercial Cleaning Accounts and Office Cleaning Accounts, but the question is,

“How Do I Get Commercial Cleaning Accounts?”

In this episode of How Do I Clean?

We Discuss a strategy to help make Sales Calls for Commercial Cleaning Accounts.

Starting a Successful Cleaning Company Without Spending a Bunch of Money

On today’s episode Mike coaches Joe Caruso of Ready Fresh Carpet cleaning on how to start up a carpet cleaning business with little to no startup money.

Currently Joe is trying to transition from a fulltime job to owning and running his own carpet cleaning business.

Mike starts off with a little suggestion that carpet cleaning always works as an addition to janitorial services.

BONUS TIP: The one thing Mike likes about janitorial is ongoing revenue. You know exactly how much you have coming in every month.

With carpet cleaning, you can and should get repeat and referral business but it’s not that solid. But it can and has been done successfully so Mike dives in!

The first thing Mike asks Joe is how much time and How much money do you have?…

Joe has late afternoon to evening and weekends for time and $100/mo to devote to the business.

BONUS TIP: If you have no time and no money don’t start a business.

Mike then goes into simple business acceleration strategy. One of the benefits to having a fulltime job while you transition is the ability to spend the first 3-6 months reinvesting all of your profits to building your business.

If you don’t do that you will always be making small income. But if you are looking to transition out of your current full time job into your own business, invest 50-100% of your profits to accelerate that growth to make that transition faster.

Otherwise you are going to be constantly be riding the line between employee and business owner.

Because every dollar counts you have to be very careful with how you spend that money.

Now Mike get’s into the tactical –

First and foremost pick a niche.

There’s a difference between chasing and taking. Mike would recommend , if you want residential, go after bigger houses, but servicing whoever reaches out and asks for service.

Listen to the show to hear what niche Mike recommends to Joe.

The way to get that work is to 1) Offer free work. One of the way to do that in the carpet industry is do a room for free or offer that is hard for people to turn down. When you start getting your first couple of jobs in the neighborhoods you want to target, then you go for the neighbors.

Offer a discount for people who recommend you to the neighbor.

Try to upsell for the other rooms. You should be able to upsell at least 50% of those customers.

2) Set out to create joint ventures with other vendors of your favorite customers. Listen in to hear how to get that ball rolling.

BONUS TIP: Like clients tend to hang out together and try to find people who do similar things than you.

Building JV and strategic alliances is a great way to build your list and doesn’t cost you anything.

Lightning Round
You’re either building your own dreams of helping someone else build theirs
Procrastination is the #1 mistake and doing a job accepting the bid over the phone, doing the work and never getting paid
Don’t let your past determine your future or let someone’s perspective of you influence who you are

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How to Balance Building the Cleaning Company of Your Dreams and Still Working Full Time

How do I work full time and build my cleaning company?

The answer is to find your niche.

What I see far too often is people getting caught up in finding their perfect niche. Look at different businesses that are in a twenty mile radius from you and choose your niche based off of these specifics:

Find a niche that has lots of pain.
Make sure that niche has money to pay you.
Ensure that there is a high number of businesses like that near you.

RESOURCE ALERT: How To Appeal To Your Cleaning Niche

Being an expert on one niche’s cleaning needs means that you aren’t wasting time changing your marketing strategy to include every type of company. This cuts down on the amount of time that it takes you to create your marketing strategy and tells you exactly where to market your company.

Find your niche and then create a customized solution for their pains.

Now, time for the lightning round!

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
Keep it simple.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?
Waiting too long. If you want to go for something, go for it.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
You can get started today.

How to Grow YOUR Cleaning Company w/ Culture & Core Values w/ Joshua Lammers

How to Make Cleaning Cool
Welcome to another super fantastic episode of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast!
Today Mike coaches Joshua Lammers on culture, Core Values and making your cleaning company cool!

Mike explains the foundation of any company it’s Culture and talks about how the culture sets the tone for the company. He also shares the Core values he has used to build several multi million dollar companies:

** HAVE FUN ** ** MAKE MONEY ** ** BE REAL ** ** HELP OUT **

Discover how Core Values make your your company MORE profitable.

Start with being CLEAR on your Values and make sure they are the key ingredient that unifies your company

You want your company to live and breathe by your Core Values. HINT: Video does this well and is cheap.
your values must be congruent with who you are as a person. This is why you can’t “decide” on your Core Values. It is more of a discovery process.

BONUS RESOURCE: Core Values are also a GREAT way to make employees engage and stay

Here are some more awesome examples you can implement:

– Use Fun titles (listen in for examples)
– Have fun on your website- be yourself
– Post fun pictures of employees
– Hold events that showcase what you believe

GUARANTEED FAILURE: Try to be everything to everybody

Mike shares part of his personal story and how that got him to discover his Core Values and how you can use that same process (without the brain damage he went through) to make your cleaning company the cool place you know it can be.

Fear not! Mike does NOT forget the Lightning Round and Joshua brings the heat- read on for the highlights:

YOU are in charge of your destiny
Be careful growing too fast

QUOTE OF THE DAY: If you have 6 hours to chop down a tree – spend 4 hours sharpening your axe – Abraham Lincoln

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Making Your Cleaning Company Give you the Lifestyle You want

Today we’re talking with Rowena from Bristol Residential Cleaning!

Rowena is struggling with something a lot of Cleaning Nation faces, working too much. She doesn’t want to have to fill in when employees call out or have to work for her leads. She wants to automate her business. Her question is, how does she get more customers so she has a larger profit and can hire more employees to clean?

First, we need to touch upon a perspective problem.

It’s not first this, then this. We don’t first get more customers so then we can hire more employees.

Instead, we want to create two systems. The first system is a lead generator that consistently inflows new customers without you having to do anything. The second system is an employee generator that brings potential cleaners through your door year round.

Your lead generation system should aim to create monthly customers. Having monthly customers, versus one time customers, helps you avoid having profit fluctuations. Create a system that analyzes each lead generation source and tracks:

Sales by source

This can be tracked on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet. The Clean Profit Method has my tried and tested spreadsheet for keeping track of your lead generators.

RESOURCE ALERT: Clean Profit Method!

Once you know where your inquiries are coming from and where the majority of your sales are coming from, you can start to systemize this process. For example, if you find that most of your sales come from Adwords, then it would make sense to put your marketing budget into creating a system that continuously markets on Adwords.

The same system can be used as an employee generator. Instead of tracking inquiries, bids and sales by source you’ll track what sources bring in the most job inquiries by asking:

How many people apply?
How many people come to group interview?
How many people start?

Just as you’re able to track what lead generation sources are the most profitable, you can track what employee generation sources are bringing the most people through the door. For example, your employee referral program may bring in 5x more people per month. This tells you that you want to put your money and time into creating a system that continuously promotes your referral program.

Create systems that do the hard work for you so you can focus on the bigger picture projects of your business.

RESOURCE ALERT: How To Create Systems For Your Business

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
Look after yourself.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?
Not thinking about her business model prior to taking on staff.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
When you speak to a client, speak to them confidently and tell them how you are the one who can help them.

How to Build a Successful Cleaning Company

Today we’re chatting with Janice Resendez who has just opened a new cleaning company in Denver!

Janice, like many new cleaning companies, wants to hit the ground running and be able to get a large amount of clients very fast. Who wouldn’t want more clients from day one? The thing is there are a TON of tools to go out there and get clients, but they will cost you something.

The two resources these tools require are either time or money. Since most cleaning companies just starting out don’t have a lot of money to spend yet, that means they’re going have to clock in the sweat equity and really pump the hours required to gain new clients.

One thing that won’t be working in Janice’s favor here is that her target market are commercial contracts. Typically, commercial contracts pay way more than residential but they often take a lot more effort to get. Since clients are only buying when they’re ready versus when we’re selling, trying to get these clients fast can be a challenge in of itself.

A better way is to set up good marketing systems that will provide valuable content to your target market over the long haul. This way you can catch them when they are ready to buy, instead of hoping your sales pitch is good enough to convert them right away. While this is a great option for long term growth, it won’t get the ball rolling.

So what will?

I call it my TIME Method.

TIME stands for:

Telephone – Doing cold calls to businesses is a classic, free and easy to implement way of gaining clients
In Person – I’m not a big fan of cold canvassing in the traditional sense. Instead, I would use the phone to get invited to come by the office to show a full presentation of what you can do.
Direct Mail – Mail is a fantastic option to get clients relatively quickly, though it won’t be as potentially quick as the telephone option. You’ll need to spend time on creating the copy, buying a list of businesses and the actual cards to send out, and distribute your mailing. This all takes time. Plus, if you’re short on money, this might not be the method for you since it does take some initial investment to get going.
Email – Cold emails are free to send. You need to be careful though and make sure you’re following all ICANN-Spam regulations to make sure you’re not spamming people

Resource Alert: How to Create a Lead Generating Machine for Your Cleaning Company

For most people in Janice’s situation, the phone is going be there go-to choice for acquiring clients quick. You need to have the right expectations before you begin. If your goal is to get 5 new clients in two weeks, then you’ll likely need to give a presentation to at least 15 people since not everyone is going to accept your proposal. In order to get 15 people that say yes to you bidding on the job, you’ll probably need contact close to 500 businesses.

That means if your goal is to get those 5 new clients in 14 days, you’ll need to be cold calling at least 35-40 people per day.

To increase your chances of success, it is to understand how a cold call works. Instead of going into a sales pitch right away, do a pattern interrupt. This could be as simple as asking someone how they are doing. Next, you don’t want to sell your services but rather position yourself as someone looking for help. Tell them you’re a cleaning company and you were just curious if they’d at all be open to helping you figure out what is more important to them when it comes to hiring cleaning companies.

Most people hate being sold to but they love helping others. You can play into this to really find out what their pain points are, and then when it comes to your bidding you can make sure to include how your service will solve all those pain points for them.

Resource Alert: How to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts Without Cold Calling

Finally, provide them value.

You want them to know you won’t be wasting their time. You could use humor like saying you’ll give $100 to their favorite charity if they didn’t like the meeting (almost zero people will actually tell you to give $100 to a charity after a meeting), or you could do something simple like baking them some cookies when you go to the meeting. Little things like this go a long way in converting prospects into genuine clients.

Now, can you ACTUALLY get 5 new clients in just two weeks as a new cleaning company?


Is it easy? Noway.

It will take a lot of hustle, grit and determination on your part. You’re going have to go through the No’s, and A LOT of them to get to your clients.

But if you do it, and persevere, you know you’ll have the ability to generate clients any time you want. They’re just a phone call away.

Alright, let’s dive into the Lightning Round!

Have any questions? Leave a comment below!

What is the coronavirus costing your cleaning company

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7 Items to Make Sure Your Cleaning Company is Set Up Right from the Start

Today we’re chatting with Arturo Villacorta!

Arthur had a common concern amongst new cleaning entrepreneurs. That concern is… how do you set everything up to make sure everything is kosher and good to go right away?

I’m a big fan of saying that until you get a paying customer, you don’t really have a business. Now, I am going to assume you DO have paying customers, at least one before you even start worrying too much about this stuff.

Below are the 7 things you need to setup your cleaning business correctly. Please, if you have deeper questions revolving around your personal situation, make sure to reach out to a professional that specializes in one of these areas. So many of these things change based off your state, city or even the county you’re operating in so you will want some professional advice to make some of these decisions.

Alright let’s dive into them.

#1 Create a Business Entity

This is super easy to do. Creating an LLC will usually cost you right around $149 plus your local state fees. I prefer LLCs since you don’t need to do any annual reporting and they tend to be simpler to understand. You could also go with an actual corporation based off your needs and wants, but you’ll need to research what is right for you.

It is important to have your own entity though, as that way if anyone does try to sue you, they won’t be able to get access to your personal assets not part of your business. This is good to have as it protects you and also makes other things on this list a lot easier by having one.

#2 Get an EIN

An EIN is basically the social security number of your business.

All you need to do is Google how to setup an EIN and you’ll find the right government site for it. It will ask you a dozen or so questions that will take you about 15-30 minutes to complete and then it will spit out your EIN number right away without any need to wait.

Getting an EIN is a good idea, especially if you plan on doing any kind of corporate commercial work since corporate clients will usually ask you for your EIN.

#3 Create Business Bank Account

It is never a good idea to mix business and personal banking accounts. When you’re small, this will be a bigger temptation. Just don’t do it, set some boundaries between what is business money and what is personal money.

Also by having different bank accounts it will make taxes WAY easier for you so I highly recommend it.

#4 Get Insurance

There are two main types of insurance we’ll be getting. The first is Liability Insurance. For a brand new company this is pretty cheap, costing right around $1,000 per year that you can often pay in monthly installments.

This is the kind of insurance that covers accidents on the job like one of your cleaners breaking a client’s vase or something similar. It is a good idea to have just in case.

The second kind of insurance is Worker’s Compensation. While your cleaners aren’t construction workers and it is unlikely they’ll ever get hurt, it is cheap to have and their job DOES have some mild straining occasionally. Like Liability Insurance, this is usually pretty cheap when your payroll is small.

You can often use the same insurance company to get both of these insurances, but it is worth looking into to see if there is any government programs within your state that offer cheaper alternatives. Sometimes this is a great way to save money depending on the programs.

Resource Alert: Insurance and Hiring Cleaning Employees

#5 Licensing

This will vary based off state to state with what you need. One thing to note is the possible need for a sales tax license if your state, city or county requires you to pay sales tax. Usually this is just $30-50 bucks per year and it’s not a big deal.

One thing you need to realize though is that your cleaning company should always charge the sales tax to the client. The actual tax people don’t care whether you made the client pay the sales tax or you pay the sales tax out of your own pocket, but either way they’re going to come to you and demand you pay the sales tax accrued regardless of whether you knew you had to pay it or not.

They are often worse than the IRS and they can shutdown your business, so it is important to Google this or seek some professional advice on what is right for your situation.

#7 Payroll

While you could use a software like Quickbooks to do your payroll yourself, just remember you will be liable for any mistake you made.

Usually, I prefer to go through a payroll company. When you’re a smaller company, these payment processing companies are super cheap and they’ll take the responsbility for any mistakes they make in their bookkeeping rather than you.

A huge time saver and stress reliever. Plus, you can focus more on marketing your company versus managing the books so it’s a win-win.

Marketing Ideas for Your Cleaning Company that Won’t Break the Bank

How to Stop Cleaning and Build a Real Cleaning Company w/ Craig- Owner of Simple Clean

Mike Campion with Grow My Cleaning Company talks through going from a solopreneur to a “real” cleaning company business owner with Craig Kalucki, owner of Simple Clean-

Craig talks about starting off doing all of the cleaning himself, working 50 hours/ week and having NO opportunity to grow, his own version of Groundhog Day hell!

Craig tells the story of going from 0-4 employees, from cleaning to running a business and how he grew by 8X revenue in just SIX MONTHS with all that new found time!

Craig talks about how it feels to be a “real” business owner with the sky as the limit and moving from a “mom and pop” to a million dollar cleaning business and the difference from doing everything to being scalable.

In the middle of all this cleaning company goodness, Mike finds time to make fun of bad weather, the New York Giants and Craig looking scary…

Listen in and discover the quality of life you can have when you transition from working alone and cleaning yourself to hiring a team and creating a scalable business.

Craig shares the two secrets he used to make the transformation in his life and business.

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