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Cleaning Company Decontaminates Illinois Police Vehicles After Recent Coronavirus Scare

Police in Shiloh, Illinois got a little extra peace of mind following a coronavirus scare over the weekend, as a business in a neighboring city stepped up and disinfected the entire department.

What is the coronavirus costing your cleaning company

For more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit this page:

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What is the coronavirus costing your cleaning company? Be proactive and have a plan before your client contacts you.

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Austin cleaning company spraying businesses for COVID-19 germs

‘The Debris Team’ owner William Rivers explains his company uses science to clean businesses and now they’re using that same science to spray businesses to help eradicate COVID-19 germs.

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Deep cleaning services slammed while closed businesses try to quickly reopen

More and more restaurants are closing their doors over COVID-19 concerns. But when the doors to many of these businesses are closed, the work isn’t over.