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Cleaning Company Bidding Tips for 2021

Hey Cleaning Nation. Today I want to talk about some bidding tips you can use in 2021.

Here are some of my top tips on how to understand your value and make a profit.

Get clear on your why
Believe they are only customers if they bring profit. The key word there is profit. Just giving you money does not make them a customer.
Know that your value is the ability to understand and communicate their pain, not clean.
Charge based on the value you bring
Your playground, your rules.
Charge premium pricing (AT LEAST 50% gross profit)
Charge in advance.
Charge everyone.
Those who pay are paying attention!

Not only do we make great money, because we charge enough, we have all the resources to make sure our clients get the same results. When your clients start believing you are premium, you start believing it in every part of your life, business and other.

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