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Thinking About Franchising your Cleaning Company?

In today’s podcast, we are speaking with Roberto Pena from Hermes group serving the city of Toluca Mexico with commercial cleaning services. The Hermes group has a long history in the cleaning business as it was started by Roberto’s parents over twenty-five years ago, now he and his brothers have taken over for their parents and have expanded to more than five cities across Mexico with over seventy employees and two main offices. With their cleaning business having great success they have been able to branch off with a construction company which has been in business for over seven years. They have developed a training program for other companies to reduce turnover rates dramatically.

RESOURCE ALERT: Tips on how to successfully franchise your business
There are four steps Mike has laid out as a guide to set yourself and potential franchisees up for great success!
1. Do something that can be easily duplicated and that the franchisees can see from start to finish. You will want to set a standard and show that if you put in the work, they will be successful with their resources
2. Ensure that all of the tools needed to be successful are available. Have guidelines laid out, marketing plans, and a list of those who they can go to for questions.
3. Hire a specialist who knows all the ins and outs of franchising. A franchise specialist can help you with paperwork, and they know how to keep you legal and to follow all of the laws regarding your business and location. They can also conduct a growth plan as to how you should grow your franchise over time.
4. Write up a marketing plan for prospective franchisees. Figure out who you are looking for.
– How much money they need up front
– How much experience you would like them to have if any
– What kind of net worth they need to have
– Whether you are looking for someone who can be full time as an owner-operators or someone who is looking to only make an investment
Be very clear with your marketing plan as to who you would like to attract. In doing so, you can have more qualified people applying to be franchisees. Then you can scan through the applicants and choose who you feel will be the most successful owners.

RESOURCE ALERT: How to set yourself and future franchisees for success
While in the beginning steps of franchising it is important to check the laws and regulations of your local legislation and law-making authorities within your country or state about running a franchise. If you hire a franchise specialist, they should have the information readily available to guide you in the right direction. Branching out with a franchise is certainly a good way to go if you are looking to step back as a front-line owner and have the option of another owner who will give you a percentage. This typically ranges between five to ten percent a month of the revenue accumulated. Usually, when you run a franchise you want to have three or four company locations established that you have put in place with a manager to ensure that those locations are profitable within the span of a few years. This helps when you want to sell to an outside person as you can prove the business’s profitability and that you can duplicate and still be successful. When you can show that the locations have had significant revenue, the locations are established and being managed well those are great selling points for the potential investors. You will want the franchisees to know that the location has been successful in a short amount of time and that the establishment can do well without the help of a home office but will strive with the name recognition and respect that the company has gained. Set the franchisees up for success with an operations manual that will break down in detail everything they may possibly need to know about owning and operating a business. You can list things such as:
– How to attract customers and employees
– How to hire and fire employees
– How to pay employees
– A guide on how to train and how to make those exceeding a manager
You’ll also want to explain about buying a separate space or office to expand. You can list things like:
– How big the location should be
– Where the office should be located
– How much should they pay employees
– Whether there is a need for a warehouse
– At what point they should buy or at what success with revenue would be ideal
These are the types of metrics you should have readily available for your franchisee so you can guide them from bottom to top. You must keep in mind that typically you are selling to someone who is starting from scratch.

How to be a profitable cleaning company

Are You Trying to Hire Employees TOO Early? Make Sure Get This Right in Your Residential Cleaning Company First…

Today, we’re chatting with Kayla Bridges!

Kayla is struggling to find a way to hire employees while working from home and not having a website. It was the last part that got me thinking… are the priorities here right?

So many times members of Cleaning Nation have great ideas, but they’re prioritizing them in the wrong way. This is exactly what was happening with Kayla. When I asked her why she doesn’t want to have a website, she said she couldn’t afford one. The thing is, websites don’t have to cost $20k anymore to build, they don’t even need to cost $5k to build a simple workable website that can start getting you leads.

While years ago I might say hiring employees takes precedence over a website, that is not the reality of today’s market. Your clients expect you to have a clean looking website that is professional and high quality.

But professional doesn’t have to be expensive.

Resource Alert: How to Bid on a House for a Deep Clean Profitably

We dived deeper into this problem to see why Kayla’s company couldn’t afford a website. The reasoning came down to the NUMBER ONE problem I see Cleaning Nation face day in and day out… charging TOO little for their services!

I hear all the time from others, “But Mike… my area is different. It’s a small town. It’s Alabama. It’s Missouri. It’s whatever.”

The thing is, humans are the same everywhere. In each of those small towns where you believe people can’t afford you raising prices, there is probably a Mercedes dealership near by or some other luxury brand. The fact that exists in your marketplace tells you that you are in a market where at least some people are willing to spend more on quality services and premium products.

It’s time YOU become that premium service.

The first step to that is knowing what your Cost of Goods (COGs) sold are. For a residential cleaning company, your COGs should be about 45-50% of the job’s price. That means if the job costs you $100 in labor and supplies to do, you charge $195-200 to do that job.

Now, for commercial cleaning, your COGs can actually be higher, but this is a pretty accurate COG for residential cleaning.

Resource Alert: Set Up Your Cleaning Company Structure the Right Way Before You Hire

When calculating what your COG is, take into account not just the hourly wage you pay your employee but all the other associated payroll expenses like taxes, social security. I would highly advise using a payroll company for this as it’ll be more accurate. The rule of thumb is to add 20% on top of the hourly wage.

If your employee gets paid $10 an hour, works 10 hours on a job, you’ll add 20% to their wages. In this case, the COG sold for the job is $120 so your price for the service should be around $220-250 dollars.

If people are saying you’re too expensive by doing this, then it’s more of a communication problem than a pricing problem.

You should ALWAYS be talking to your target audience about their pains.

Remember, cleaning a toilet for $10 an hour is a low value proposition. When you offer a married couple a way to relieve their stress when they come home from a long day of work where they can spend more time together because they don’t have to do any chores, now you’re offering a HIGH value proposition.

Your COG sold and prices should always be your priority #1 in your residential cleaning business. If you can’t afford something vital to your business like a simple website, then you’re likely pricing your service wrong.

Once a year come back to your pricing and make sure all of your jobs are matching the 45-50% COGs ratio. This way you can make sure you stay on track on charging the right prices.

Alright, all that being said, let’s dive into the Lightning Round!

Lightning Round

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Don’t sell yourself short, especially when it comes to friends who expect a discount because they know you. Charge them what you’re worth.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?.

Hiring people that I already knew like friends and family.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Staying organized! When you’re organized, everything goes much smoother.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below!

How to Create a Fully Automated Cleaning Company with Mike Callahan

In this video, Maid Service expert Mike Callahan explains what a fully automated cleaning company can look like. He goes into detail about how to approach the different stages of a business for scaling and growth to the million mark and well beyond.

Mike explains the five main parts of your cleaning business that can (and should!) be automated.

Mike has 25 years in the cleaning industry and has spent 4,000 hours creating automated systems in his business. He shares all of the lessons and best practices he has learned with other Maid Service owners so they can become absentee cleaning business owners.

This awesome talk was just one of 44 expert talks shown in the Maid Summit – the first & online virtual conference for Maid Services. Watch the other talks here:


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Creating a Successful Job Posting Ad for Your Cleaning Company

Today we’re talking with Andres Higuera from Ecogreen Office Cleaning!

Andres has been working on writing the perfect advertisement for his employee generation system. His initial descriptive advertisement wasn’t creating the employee lead generation he needs. Descriptive advertisements are the majority of ads you see on job search websites today. For example, “Come and work for a cleaning company, part time and be part of a growing team.” Andres changed his advertisement to focus on his companies core values, as the Clean Profit Method suggests, and he found that he’s still not getting the in flow he was hoping for.

RESOURCE ALERT: Five Shifts You Need To Know To Grow Your Cleaning Company

A job advertisement revolving around your core values should be getting you double the applicants of any previous advertisement, so we know something is wrong here. To fix this problem and increase the amount of applicants, Andres needs to do two things.

First, he needs to make sure that his advertisement is more than the ad itself. A job ad is a marketing funnel. His employee generation advertisement might be perfect, but what follows might not be. If there isn’t a direct connection between advertisement and the follow up process the prospective employee goes through, you’ll lose them in your funnel.

For example, job board websites like Indeed force users to answer a lot of questions on their end. They also make it mandatory to go through Indeed for follow up communication between the prospective employee and hiring company. This can turn people off as Indeed doesn’t correlate with your core values. If your job posting is talking about how you’re a fun company and then your prospective employee has to answer ten serious and technical questions directly after, there will be a disconnect and your funnel won’t work.

As soon as possible, get prospects off of Indeed or the job board website and on to your own website. This reduces the noise and helps them focus on your job position and the core values of your company.

Second, change your follow up to be consistent with your advertisement. If your company is focused on having fun and making money, then your questions shouldn’t be, “Do you have a state issued ID?”. Instead, they should be “Do you like having fun and making money?”. The idea is to get prospective employees to break the monotonous pattern of applying to job after job. You can achieve this by getting them off of Indeed and on to your website. There is also the option of having them text you.

Make sure your employee generation funnel is consistent with your core values advertisement to create a successful job advertisement campaign.

RESOURCE ALERT: Dealing With Crappy Employees

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
Always be learning.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?
Not communicating with clients in person.

What is your favorite book?
The Bible

Getting Quality Leads for Your Cleaning Company

How to Convert Paid Traffic into Paying Clients for Your Cleaning Company

Today, we’re chatting with Andrew Maunder!

It is no secret that my favorite form of getting new clients for your cleaning company is through automated marketing systems. I teach about these various client acquisition systems in my Cleaning Profit System course, and our guest today Andrew is experimenting with one of my favorite strategies – facebook ads.

Facebook ads can get you a boatload of new cleaning contracts, but as with any new marketing strategy it is not something that just happens over night. It is more than likely when you first start off doing paid ads that you’re going to be spending a lot more money than you make until you get the hang of it.

Luckily, I got some advice for you that should ease that pain and shorten the time it takes to make it really work in your favor.

Once you get real marketing systems in place working for you, you can stop picking up the phone to cold call and start picking up the phone with people calling you wanting your services.

So how do you do it?

The first step is….

Target Market

Really define who you are targeting in your ad copy.

If you’re ad is saying you have cleaners that just clean a dirty house, you’re not really providing much value to anyone seeing your ad. They could go to a hundred other cleaning companies and get the same sales pitch. It’s not a winning combination.

Instead, you want to speak to your target market’s pain and be SPECIFIC about it.

Resource Alert: Marketing Online for Your Cleaning Business

Maybe your target market are high end lawyers working 80 hours per week that just want to come home and relax in their big house without having to give a second thought to their house’s upkeep. That is where your advertising can come in and really speak to their pain about how your service is THE solution for them to give them that sense of ease and peace of mind.

Once you’ve defined your target market it is time to offer them…

The Value
Most ads lead people directly to a sales page or an email optin. While you can do this, you’re likely going to get way less conversions here because you are simply asking too much from people that know too little about your company.

Instead, have your ads lead them to useful articles or blogs you’ve written that is offered completely for free. Once they’ve clicked through and read your article, then it is time to do what is called retargeting.

Retargeting is a type of facebook ad that only shows to people if they landed on your website. This is where you want to start doing a self-liquidating marketing funnel, which means you start collecting money as quickly as possible once they’ve read the valuable piece of content.

This could be a super low discounted house cleaning for $97 or some other kind of service that is similarly low price and costs you very little to provide while still giving them a great deal.

Now it’s time to…

Tweak Your Marketing

In most new marketing campaigns, you’re probably going to lose at least some money before you make money. Your initial campaign should aim for break even or close to break even.

If it is close, then you likely only need to tweak the campaign some more to make it a profitable one. This is an iterative process, meaning the more you tweak the ad copy and the actual marketing funnel, the better it is going to get and is really something you should never stop tweaking.

Resource Alert: How to Create a Lead Generator Machine WITHOUT Cold Calling

If you know that you get three new clients for every $1,000 you spend, you might be able to tweak that campaign further where you can get five new clients for the same ad spend.

It all comes to honing your marketing system.

Alright, let’s dive into the Lightning Round!

Lightning Round

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

75% of people buy from someone they know, like and trust. This is exactly what you should do before trying to sell your clients something.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?.

Jumping in headfirst without doing proper research and figuring out how much everything is going to cost in terms of building out the website, marketing funnel, and getting clients.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Never lose hope. Never lose that belief in yourself. Shoot for that goal and keep shooting for it doing whatever it takes to get there.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below!

Setting Up Your Automated Email Marketing for Cleaning Services

Learn how to automate your marketing for cleaning services. Today today Mike coaches Peter Boland, return guest and owner of Oracle Building Maintenance!

First things first, avoid overwhelm and start small. It’s better to have something in place sooner that works than taking months getting something complex in place.

Let’s break down 3 key points to marketing for cleaning services:

Know who your customers are and what they want
Have a trained sales force in place
Automate and supercharge the process already in place with email marketing, funnel marketing, or automated marketing!

KEY POINT: Get control of how your commercial cleaning business acquires emails and how you use them

Oracle Building Maintenance acquires emails from purchased lists. They then start cold calling individuals to establish a relationship prior to emailing. Over time, when customers need services, they will think of Oracle first because he’s already established a relationship.

KEY POINT: Customers will buy when they are ready! Not when you want to sell

Make sure you have systems in place that are automated to keep track of everything so that when customers are ready…so are you!

For the most successful email marketing plans: Be aware of the stage your customers are In!

New clients: Emailing is more aggressive (daily) and then there’s a weaning off
Clients that show least amount of interest-touch base about every five weeks

KEY POINT: Segment your messaging for maximum effect

Segmenting your emails for each customer is imperative. What is segmenting? Just think: Different email messages for each client.

For Example: In the commercial cleaning business, if you have four or five different verticals you need to deal with each one of those as a different situation. A medical facility needs will be different from what your customer at a car dealership will want and those needs will then vary for your consumer at a warehouse.
2 Key points to Segmentation:

Niche and Interview
Pick a niche
Interview them to understand who they are and what their “pain” is.
Know where they are in the sales cycle
Prospective client who just showed interest will have a different message and frequency than existing clients or clients who just quit.
RESOURCE ALERT: Check out this in depth article on email marketing

SIDE NOTE ON LEAD MAGNETS HERE: While we are on the subject, let’s chat about these lead magnets really quickly! Various lead magnets get different responses from different people. The emails here will vary dependent upon issues and lead magnets.

RESOURCE ALERT: Want to know more about commercial cleaning company leads? Check out this podcast


Let’s chat about how many emails a commercial cleaning business should put out in order to keep customers engaged.

How much is too much? Let’s break it all down for you in terms of this timing factor:

Be aggressive at the beginning, then peel off.
At the end of every month, everyone ends up in the same, final email funnel!
This is an email that you “ping” customers with at least once a month.
This is a generic email to keep contact going between you and your customers.
Find the Frequency!

In terms of frequency—as long as you’re bringing value and interest to the clients, it won’t be a problem. Keep in mind, “filler” emails won’t “fly” with customers. Fewer emails that are higher in quality and content are better than just every day “fluff” or “filler”.

What is Considered a “Valuable” Email?

Get a “consumer pulse” by checking on the engagement of your customers! If you’re getting lots of clicks, response, shares, and buzz this tells you that your customers find the information valuable! If it’s “dead” like radio silence…you probably have not hit a nerve!

How to Engage and get a “Pulse” on What’s Valuable from your Customers:

Speak to your customers! Involve them!
Send an email stating that you’re posting a survey to discover what they would like to hear more of in their emails!
Tell clients that you will reveal the answers from the survey of all customers involved.
Surveys can be serious in nature or humorous from time to time! Mix them up!

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Can I Use IM to Grow My Cleaning Company?

“Can I use IM to grow my cleaning company?” House cleaners and maids are looking for inexpensive ways to drum up new business.
The problem is that instant messenger is not the place for a cold sales pitch. Email, a phone call, texting, and even advertising in a Facebook Group are great ways to follow up once you have built trust.

But if you want to close business spamming people you don’t know via Instant Messenger is only going to land you in Facebook jail.

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Starting a Successful Cleaning Company Without Spending a Bunch of Money

On today’s episode Mike coaches Joe Caruso of Ready Fresh Carpet cleaning on how to start up a carpet cleaning business with little to no startup money.

Currently Joe is trying to transition from a fulltime job to owning and running his own carpet cleaning business.

Mike starts off with a little suggestion that carpet cleaning always works as an addition to janitorial services.

BONUS TIP: The one thing Mike likes about janitorial is ongoing revenue. You know exactly how much you have coming in every month.

With carpet cleaning, you can and should get repeat and referral business but it’s not that solid. But it can and has been done successfully so Mike dives in!

The first thing Mike asks Joe is how much time and How much money do you have?…

Joe has late afternoon to evening and weekends for time and $100/mo to devote to the business.

BONUS TIP: If you have no time and no money don’t start a business.

Mike then goes into simple business acceleration strategy. One of the benefits to having a fulltime job while you transition is the ability to spend the first 3-6 months reinvesting all of your profits to building your business.

If you don’t do that you will always be making small income. But if you are looking to transition out of your current full time job into your own business, invest 50-100% of your profits to accelerate that growth to make that transition faster.

Otherwise you are going to be constantly be riding the line between employee and business owner.

Because every dollar counts you have to be very careful with how you spend that money.

Now Mike get’s into the tactical –

First and foremost pick a niche.

There’s a difference between chasing and taking. Mike would recommend , if you want residential, go after bigger houses, but servicing whoever reaches out and asks for service.

Listen to the show to hear what niche Mike recommends to Joe.

The way to get that work is to 1) Offer free work. One of the way to do that in the carpet industry is do a room for free or offer that is hard for people to turn down. When you start getting your first couple of jobs in the neighborhoods you want to target, then you go for the neighbors.

Offer a discount for people who recommend you to the neighbor.

Try to upsell for the other rooms. You should be able to upsell at least 50% of those customers.

2) Set out to create joint ventures with other vendors of your favorite customers. Listen in to hear how to get that ball rolling.

BONUS TIP: Like clients tend to hang out together and try to find people who do similar things than you.

Building JV and strategic alliances is a great way to build your list and doesn’t cost you anything.

Lightning Round
You’re either building your own dreams of helping someone else build theirs
Procrastination is the #1 mistake and doing a job accepting the bid over the phone, doing the work and never getting paid
Don’t let your past determine your future or let someone’s perspective of you influence who you are

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How to Balance Building the Cleaning Company of Your Dreams and Still Working Full Time

How do I work full time and build my cleaning company?

The answer is to find your niche.

What I see far too often is people getting caught up in finding their perfect niche. Look at different businesses that are in a twenty mile radius from you and choose your niche based off of these specifics:

Find a niche that has lots of pain.
Make sure that niche has money to pay you.
Ensure that there is a high number of businesses like that near you.

RESOURCE ALERT: How To Appeal To Your Cleaning Niche

Being an expert on one niche’s cleaning needs means that you aren’t wasting time changing your marketing strategy to include every type of company. This cuts down on the amount of time that it takes you to create your marketing strategy and tells you exactly where to market your company.

Find your niche and then create a customized solution for their pains.

Now, time for the lightning round!

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
Keep it simple.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?
Waiting too long. If you want to go for something, go for it.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
You can get started today.

Making Your Cleaning Company Give you the Lifestyle You want

Today we’re talking with Rowena from Bristol Residential Cleaning!

Rowena is struggling with something a lot of Cleaning Nation faces, working too much. She doesn’t want to have to fill in when employees call out or have to work for her leads. She wants to automate her business. Her question is, how does she get more customers so she has a larger profit and can hire more employees to clean?

First, we need to touch upon a perspective problem.

It’s not first this, then this. We don’t first get more customers so then we can hire more employees.

Instead, we want to create two systems. The first system is a lead generator that consistently inflows new customers without you having to do anything. The second system is an employee generator that brings potential cleaners through your door year round.

Your lead generation system should aim to create monthly customers. Having monthly customers, versus one time customers, helps you avoid having profit fluctuations. Create a system that analyzes each lead generation source and tracks:

Sales by source

This can be tracked on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet. The Clean Profit Method has my tried and tested spreadsheet for keeping track of your lead generators.

RESOURCE ALERT: Clean Profit Method!

Once you know where your inquiries are coming from and where the majority of your sales are coming from, you can start to systemize this process. For example, if you find that most of your sales come from Adwords, then it would make sense to put your marketing budget into creating a system that continuously markets on Adwords.

The same system can be used as an employee generator. Instead of tracking inquiries, bids and sales by source you’ll track what sources bring in the most job inquiries by asking:

How many people apply?
How many people come to group interview?
How many people start?

Just as you’re able to track what lead generation sources are the most profitable, you can track what employee generation sources are bringing the most people through the door. For example, your employee referral program may bring in 5x more people per month. This tells you that you want to put your money and time into creating a system that continuously promotes your referral program.

Create systems that do the hard work for you so you can focus on the bigger picture projects of your business.

RESOURCE ALERT: How To Create Systems For Your Business

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
Look after yourself.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?
Not thinking about her business model prior to taking on staff.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
When you speak to a client, speak to them confidently and tell them how you are the one who can help them.