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How to Stop Cleaning and Build a Real Cleaning Company w/ Craig- Owner of Simple Clean

Mike Campion with Grow My Cleaning Company talks through going from a solopreneur to a “real” cleaning company business owner with Craig Kalucki, owner of Simple Clean-

Craig talks about starting off doing all of the cleaning himself, working 50 hours/ week and having NO opportunity to grow, his own version of Groundhog Day hell!

Craig tells the story of going from 0-4 employees, from cleaning to running a business and how he grew by 8X revenue in just SIX MONTHS with all that new found time!

Craig talks about how it feels to be a “real” business owner with the sky as the limit and moving from a “mom and pop” to a million dollar cleaning business and the difference from doing everything to being scalable.

In the middle of all this cleaning company goodness, Mike finds time to make fun of bad weather, the New York Giants and Craig looking scary…

Listen in and discover the quality of life you can have when you transition from working alone and cleaning yourself to hiring a team and creating a scalable business.

Craig shares the two secrets he used to make the transformation in his life and business.

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Why you NEED a Hiring System for your Cleaning Company

In this episode Nathalie explains why it’s so important to have a hiring system for your Cleaning Company. She covers some common ‘False Beliefs’, goes over some of the common problems experienced when you don’t have a hiring system, and details the benefits experienced by an effective hiring system.

Do you want to spend more time with your family? Take that awesome vacation you’ve been dreaming about? How about always having your employees love their job and doing their best? This is the episode for you!

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Kaki Cleaning Company Success

Today we speak with Kaki Burns, a recent Clean Profit Elite Alumni and a brand new member of Next Level. Mike points out that if GMCC gave out an award for most growth as a human being, Kaki would definitely win it. Let’s dive into Kaki’s story!

A little background on Kaki:

Kaki and her business are located in Philadelphia, PA. She started her business in June of 2018. Kaki found out about Mike and GMCC through the podcast. She started to listen to Mike while she was cleaning and everything he said struck a chord with her.

Where her business was at when he started with GMCC:

When she started the Clean Profit Program, she was working 7 days a week and super long days. Kaki really needed help figuring out why she was still struggling to make it at the end of every month. At the same time, she had to turn business away, since she was so busy. She had a wait list of clients!

Making the mindset shift from worker bee to business owner:

When Mike started coaching Kaki, he noticed right away that she was working so hard and stuck in the mindset of being a “worker bee” instead of a business owner. The first mindset shift necessary for her was to get out of the trap of having to do all the cleaning as the owner, and into the mindset of taking the time to work on growing the business.  Kaki began to realize that she needed to know her numbers more. She found that in reality, it was costing her money to be doing all the cleaning as the owner. Kaki was literally “paying to play”. Her cost of her goods sold for example was over 100% and she could not make money this way.

Putting this new mindset into action was SUPER scary at first…

Kaki knew she had to raise her prices, but she was TERRIFIED at first. She was so afraid of losing clients, but when she saw her numbers, she realized she wasn’t even making enough money to be take care of HERSELF and her business. She realized she shouldn’t be afraid to be honest with her clients. If they left her and weren’t a good fit, it was okay because she was paying to work for them. Kaki found out after raising her prices that, 1) she didn’t lose as many clients as she expected and, 2) it ended up being really important to herself to see that her value and the services her business offered were most important. 

Kaki and her business nowadays:

Kaki’s business has grown from 1 to 3 cleaners. She cut her hours working in the business down from 80-90 hours a week and is now down to 10 hours a week cleaning. She went from crying in the shower because of her fears of raising prices, to overcoming her fear and raising her prices and growing her business!

Kaki’s key takeaways:
If the business owner is out in the field, they’re not able to grow their business. There’ other people that can do the work, and providing people with work helps us to give back to our communities. The service is the most important thing – not Kaki as a cleaner. Kaki knows she can make a bigger impact as a business owner.
Kaki also realized that when her leadership ability increased, her team was able to step up as well. As individuals, her employees could take more pride in what they were doing. They didn’t have to rely on Kaki and grew as well.

*special episode note: Special Coronavirus Episode mentioned:

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Selling Cleaning Services featuring Luciana Souza

Selling Cleaning Services Without Fear!

Do you hate selling? Do you get all jittery and sweaty just thinking about going on a “sales call” for your cleaning services? You are not alone.

On today’s episode Mike talks with Luciana Souza about selling cleaning services and how to overcome fear and nervousness when selling.

Luciana started by dropping business cards in mailboxes and had some success, but finds herself extremely nervous when it comes to selling and reaches out to Mike for help.

Listen in and learn how to Overcome Fear Around Selling Cleaning Services

Hear about the wrong Belief’s About What Makes a “Good” Salesperson

Contrary to popular belief, good sales people are not just “born that way”. Selling is just like any other skill. Good salespeople start off bad just like anyone else and get better with practice. Even more important is the wrong headed belief that selling cleaning services involves some sort of awful, high pressure situation.

Mike shares the truth behind the right mindset that can make selling your services something you actually enjoy.

Mike also shares a Super Ninja Trick to Get Over Fear…

He gives you a script and role plays so you can hear it in action.

See how much pressure this tactic can take off the entire situation!

What About the Dreaded “I’ll Think it Over”???

Let’s help you with that too shall we? Tune in to hear the best way to avoid the “think it over”

Learn how to set up the appointment before you even head out there to guarantee a yes or no right then and there. No more chasing the client around begging for an answer.

That’s it for today Cleaning Nation! Tune in to hear the last episode on Cleaning Service Agreements

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Starting a Commercial Cleaning Company featuring Jessie Carson

In today’s episode Mike coaches Jessie Carson of Spring to it Cleaning in Alberta, Canada on how to transition from a mainly residential cleaning service to commercial cleaning.

Define what “ limited” budget means. Instead of a flat amount decide on a percentage to devote to marketing.

BONUS TIP: If you have no money, then you shouldn’t start a business.

Mike starts with the basics. Be very specific about what you are willing to contribute, time and money to marketing and growing your business.

Decide what you are going to spend per month and come hell or high water you will spend that money on marketing your business every month.

With transitioning from residential to commercial when you make the decision to pick your niche, that you aren’t picking it based on what is comfortable and easily doable.

Pick a niche that is going to serve your goals.

If you are in a recession, commercial is the way to go.
When money is tight, for residential clients, cleaning services are the first to go. With businesses, cleaning is a non-negotiable.

When going from residential to commercial there’s a lot of confusion about “do I fire all my residential clients? What do I do?

0 of your time or resources is going to go to residential. But if it falls into your lap, you take the job.

You aren’t going to fire any of your residential clients, you are just going to run it as it is, but no longer actively go after those accounts and tighten up your standards on who you are going to accept as a client.

Raise your prices and be selective about who you take on the residential side.

The more you move into commercial and less you want/need residential you will see you can be more selective about the accounts you take and oftentimes the less you want those accounts the more they want you!

Start with a niche. Find out who and what business is going to fit your needs.

What would you like to make a year, how many customers at what monthly income that would require and how you can attract and serve those kinds of businesses.

Second, go start interviewing your niche. Ask them what is important to you, what do you need to hire them? Is it compliance? Work? Certifications? Etc…

If you walk in and ask who is in charge and tell them you aren’t selling anything, but you just want to know exactly what they want and are looking for.

Then you can tailor your services to that specific niche. Knowing their specific needs, wants and verbiage.

Try to have 10 conversations with people in charge.

Great question – should I call and make an appointment before hand or just go in? Always make an appointment. If you just walk in, make sure they aren’t busy and bring a gift but always try to make an appointment. Have questions written out already.

Ask questions, and listen.

Depending on the niche you pick, ask who else they would recommend to spend 10 minutes with you and share their experience.
The next step is to offer a one time service like floors or windows as a goodwill offer. Even if you don’t do floors you can partner with a local floor guy and say if he services those accounts at cost or free you can include their service in your bid.

Strategic alliances. Find people who sell to your audience and work with them. Ask who is their most important/influential vendor. Contact that vendor and ask them who their list is and offer some free service to their customers and visa versa.

Lightning Round

If your dream doesn’t stir you it isn’t big enough

Not scheduling big jobs correctly and not getting things done on time

Get enough sleep, eat nitrucially, exercise, pray and journal.

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Cleaning Company Website- Unlock Traffic to YOUR Cleaning Companies Website-

Cleaning Company Website traffic can make or break YOUR cleaning compay!

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In this video, we cover:

– The (3) Reason’s Your cleaning companies website is NOT making you money

– The (2) Main kinds of Traffic (paid and organic)

– The differences between them

– The (2) BIGGEST sources of Paid Traffic available to your cleaning companies website or blog

– The (3) Ways you can SEO (Search Engine Optomize) your construction clean up, janitorial, home or commercial cleaning company website.

– Local Search and how important and EASY it is to do

– Onsite SEO for your cleaning website

– How to use VIDEO to get FREE traffic to your cleaning compant website- both through Youtube AND Google

– How to know when to hire a professional and what you can do on your own

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How to Price Cleaning Services & Make More Money for YOUR Cleaning Company

Are you questioning how you Price Cleaning Services?

Today, Mike coaches Heather Clark owner of Custom my Closet on how to price cleaning services. Currently Heather does the cleaning herself and wants to know how to price cleaning services differently when she hires employees.

Mike walks through heather the steps to figuring out the best way to price her cleaning services.

You need to know what the right questions are before you can get into pricing and Mike shares those with Cleaning Nation in this episode.

If you want to build a true business like Heather, you are going to need

KEY POINT: Price Cleaning Services the same whether you OR your employees are performing the service

Many newer owners get confused on this issue thinking if they charge $30/ hour they are making $30/ hour and that is too much for cleaning services. But what they fail to realize is what ends up eating all their profits and killing their business.

Tune in to find out what this business killer is!

Now that you have a foundation to price cleaning services, Mike gives Heather a 4 step overview on how to price her cleaning services.

You will be shocked at how easy it really is!

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Cleaning Company Marketing | Secret to getting more commercial cleaning customers!!!

AJ Simmons of Clean Biz Network discusses marketing tactics for cleaning companies that work in 2020! These marketing tips will help you get more customers for your cleaning business.

Check out for more!

Janitorial business customers
Commercial cleaning customers

Cleaning Company Hiring

Cleaning company hiring can be a challenge . In a business with a higher than average employee turnover, knowing how to find and keep the best employees is crucial. If you want to grow your cleaning business and have employees that you LOVE, you are in the right place! Listen in as Mike Campion from Grow My Cleaning Company chats with Marsha Hays from Clear View Janitorial:

and discover how she grew from her husband running a small window cleaning to a fully diversified janitorial, duct, carpets and more cleaning company with 14 employees.

Marsha realized that her cleaning company hiring and employee turnover is one of the biggest costs to her company and called Mike for help. We figure out:

How can you legally ask employees if they are physically able to do the work?
How to make sure the people you hire are the best for your company?
It is possible to stemm high employee turnover?

We all know that employee turnover is difficult in business, but it can go to a whole new level of awful in the cleaning business! Listen in and find out how to improve your cleaning company hiring and cut that employee turnover drastically.

Enjoy Mike rocking topics like:

Where to find your BEST employee prospects
The cheapest easiest ways to find the GOOD employees
Company culture and Core Values
How being clear with your Core Values can make your employees love you and your life happy
Why the hiring ads you are writing now probably don’t work and what to do about it

The key to the whole operation is KNOWING what your ideal employee looks like and what type of employee’s typically DON’T work out. When you know where your good employees hang out, you can advertise in the RIGHT place, with the RIGHT message to only the BEST people!

BONUS: Rookie cleaners use but when you start hiring more and more, you are going to want to use something like

How different do you think your message will be if you are looking for a hispanic single mom vs. a caucasian college student? Do you think they will look for jobs in different places?

We also talk about best practices in the hiring process and how you can benefit from the Three By Three rule of hiring and how to “try before you buy” when it comes to employees. To unlock success in your cleaning business, when it comes to employees- HAVE A SYSTEM!

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