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How to Price Cleaning Services & Make More Money for YOUR Cleaning Company

Are you questioning how you Price Cleaning Services?

Today, Mike coaches Heather Clark owner of Custom my Closet on how to price cleaning services. Currently Heather does the cleaning herself and wants to know how to price cleaning services differently when she hires employees.

Mike walks through heather the steps to figuring out the best way to price her cleaning services.

You need to know what the right questions are before you can get into pricing and Mike shares those with Cleaning Nation in this episode.

If you want to build a true business like Heather, you are going to need

KEY POINT: Price Cleaning Services the same whether you OR your employees are performing the service

Many newer owners get confused on this issue thinking if they charge $30/ hour they are making $30/ hour and that is too much for cleaning services. But what they fail to realize is what ends up eating all their profits and killing their business.

Tune in to find out what this business killer is!

Now that you have a foundation to price cleaning services, Mike gives Heather a 4 step overview on how to price her cleaning services.

You will be shocked at how easy it really is!

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