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Selling Cleaning Services featuring Luciana Souza

Selling Cleaning Services Without Fear!

Do you hate selling? Do you get all jittery and sweaty just thinking about going on a “sales call” for your cleaning services? You are not alone.

On today’s episode Mike talks with Luciana Souza about selling cleaning services and how to overcome fear and nervousness when selling.

Luciana started by dropping business cards in mailboxes and had some success, but finds herself extremely nervous when it comes to selling and reaches out to Mike for help.

Listen in and learn how to Overcome Fear Around Selling Cleaning Services

Hear about the wrong Belief’s About What Makes a “Good” Salesperson

Contrary to popular belief, good sales people are not just “born that way”. Selling is just like any other skill. Good salespeople start off bad just like anyone else and get better with practice. Even more important is the wrong headed belief that selling cleaning services involves some sort of awful, high pressure situation.

Mike shares the truth behind the right mindset that can make selling your services something you actually enjoy.

Mike also shares a Super Ninja Trick to Get Over Fear…

He gives you a script and role plays so you can hear it in action.

See how much pressure this tactic can take off the entire situation!

What About the Dreaded “I’ll Think it Over”???

Let’s help you with that too shall we? Tune in to hear the best way to avoid the “think it over”

Learn how to set up the appointment before you even head out there to guarantee a yes or no right then and there. No more chasing the client around begging for an answer.

That’s it for today Cleaning Nation! Tune in to hear the last episode on Cleaning Service Agreements

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