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Everything Nathalie Learned About Running a Cleaning Company from Mike

Hey Cleaning Nation! Nathalie here, Mike’s “beautiful bride” 😉 For this episode, we are at the live event for our Next Level and Millionaire Mastermind members in Denver, Colorado. Mike is coaching everyone live so I’m taking over today. I’m going to give you a little behind the scenes and background into what I’ve learned about not only running cleaning companies from Mike, but also what I’ve observed about you Cleaning Nation! Let’s get into some fun stuff about Mike first and then we’ll take it from there 🙂

Who is Mike?
For starters, Mike gets up every day at 5am (because he’s an old man and does his quiet time before starting work). He’s not a fan of coffee but he will drink an energy drink usually and fun fact: he doesn’t eat breakfast. And another fun fact regarding consumables: Mike has never drank/been drunk despite his jovial disposition.

Also, contrary to popular belief, Mike doesn’t actually enjoy making cleaning company owners cry…but will if it will help them achieve their goals. He gets so fired up to help our community, and it gives him passion and energy….but then he turns into a pumpkin about 8:30pm, Mike truly and deeply cares about the success of every one of our clients and considers them friends or family!

One last random factoid about Mike: He doesn’t like the texture of those 3D plastic materials- you know the weird bumpy texture of some promo cups, etc?

Who are You?

Cleaning company owners are some of the most dedicated business owners out there! They are especially dedicated to their clients’ happiness. Cleaning Nation business owners are some of the most caring, selfless and hard working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.
They are also some of the most technologically challenged entrepreneurs I’ve ever worked with 😉 They sacrifice their time, energy and sanity to make their clients happy, however they also undervalue their services and how vital they are to the people they serve!

What Makes Cleaning Nation Crazy?

Here are some of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed cleaning business owners make:
Letting fears keep you from doing what’s best for your company (firing clients, employees, raising prices, etc).
Not charging enough.
Not delegating $12/hr tasks to others and working 100 hours a week instead.
Only hiring after 1-3 employees quit.
Focusing on things like buying cars and wrapping them instead of the things that actually affect their bottom line!
I’ve also noticed that your biggest woes are:
Finding and hiring the right people.
Dealing with pain in the butt customers you’re afraid to fire.
Working constantly and not able to take a break or vacation!

How to Get What You Want!
Do the scary things like firing bad customers, doing things differently and focusing on profit not gross sales/ looking “big and successful”
Do whatever it takes!
Create systems to automate your business so you can focus on the big picture stuff.
Value yourself and what you bring to the world!

Thank so much Cleaning Nation! It’s so a pleasure to be able to serve you and watch you GROW!!

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Delegating for Success in Your Cleaning Company

Today Lindsay, GMCC’s Director of Operations, takes over for Mike. She discusses all things DELEGATING. Learn how to get the small things off your plate so you can focus on the BIG THINGS to grow your cleaning company!

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Crushing Lowball Competition for Your Cleaning Company

What do you do when there is someone in your area doing the work practically for free, making it difficult for you to get clients. How do you compete with people who are charging less than your costs? Today we’re going to talk about crushing that lowball competition. If you can’t figure this out, you will either never grow – or never grow profitably enough – and be able to hire good talent and have a business instead of a job!

False Belief – You have to take what your prospects say they will pay
Not true! Not only do you get to pick the price you charge, you can pick the prospects you accept. In addition, you even pick the prospects you ATTRACT! The way that you market yourself, the way you present yourself – those things you can control and directly affect the type of prospects you attract. Start by attracting the right prospects, and from those choose who you accept, paying the price you choose to charge.

False Belief – If you are more expensive, you are “screwing” people
More often than not, cheap people are the ones screwing people. Customers that are cheap expose companies to liability or not being able to deliver on their promised service! It’s important not to get caught up in feeling like somehow it’s wrong to be ‘expensive’. Your rates reflect the service you provide. A cheap service may not have insurance, may not be paying their employees well, and may be taking shortcuts that they shouldn’t be taking. Decide what kind of service you want to provide and then set up your rates reflect that.

Click here to see a $1,500 paper clip

False Belief – Everyone wants the cheapest
You may feel that way, but maybe you are attracting people that want the cheapest. The truth is everyone wants their problem solved and to FEEL the way they want to feel. Once they get that, then they look for the cheapest rate. You will find that everyone really doesn’t want the cheapest first. Look internally, and see if that’s a mindset you’ve adopted. It’s like that $1,500 paper clip from Tiffany’s. The people who buy that like the way it feels to own it., and to tell people they have one.

False Belief – The way you deliver your service doesn’t have anything to do with price
When you find out what your BEST customers want and what your BEST customers need, then pricing does not become an issue. Take Disneyland for example. It’s called ‘The Happiest Place on Earth.’ People who go to Disneyland go there because of how it makes them feel. McDonald’s sells ‘Happy Meals’ to kids, because it makes kids feel happy. Deliver what your customers want and you can charge premium prices.

False Belief – Everyone knows about the cheapest
That’s not necessarily true! Cheap people don’t know how to market and they don’t have the budget to market. If you don’t have a way to communicate your message, that’s a bad position to be in. Word of mouth is great, but it’s not scalable. If you want to grow, you need to market your service so that the best customers know that you can make them feel the way they want to feel. You don’t want to try and convince people who are cheap not to be cheap, you want to attract the people that want the result.

False- The way you market doesn’t have anything to do with price
This belief couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is Tiffany’s $1,500 paperclip is just a paperclip made out of gold. Other than that, it’s no different than any other paperclip. Tiffany’s knows how to attract clients, they know how to market. People walk in the store wanting to feel a certain way, and they leave feeling the way they want to feel. Another example is handbags. You can buy a handbag for $1,000 or for $10. Both will serve the same function, but the $1,000 handbag makes you feel a certain way. It has EVERYTHING to do with marketing. YOU choose how your customers perceive you. Do you want to be treated like a $10 handbag, or a $1,000 handbag?

Once you understand how to only attract the right customers, they will expect to pay a premium price because they want a premium result. You will then have all the money you need! Not only will you have your profit, you will also be able to pay people well, have a strong client attraction system and blow your customers away with your service and the result you make for them!

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Time & Money Freedom from Your Cleaning Company

“If you want something done RIGHT, then do it yourself”

That used to be my driving mantra.

I wanted to grow my company fast, but my beliefs were holding me back…

Beliefs that:
I could do it better
My employees would screw it up
Doing it myself would make my company grow faster
My customers demanded that I be the one to do everything
I couldn’t afford to hire the right people to do the right things

The truth was- the ONE problem I couldn’t solve was NOT seeing I was the problem!

Sound familiar?

I knew that in order to truly be FREE, to have real TIME & MONEY freedom, I had to figure this out.

And you do too!

If not- we can never grow beyond the team size we are able to lead.

Your business will always have a “speed limiter”, dictated by the team you are willing to grow and the level you are willing to let others succeed AND fail.

Here is what I learned about creating a business model that allows you to hire the right people and attain that freedom

I share the step by step process here in this video!

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Sales Secrets to Scale Your Cleaning Company with Jim Padilla

I don’t know if you’ve heard…

But apparently there’s some sort of election coming up…

Whoever wins, my money is on approximately 50% of the country freaking the heck out!

Mike and Jim discuss how to make sure you win even if:

Covid is lurking in your closet waiting to attack
You hate the president
You love the president
Your mother-in-law doesn’t like you
You don’t like your mother-in-law

You CAN CHOOSE to scale your business.

NO matter what’s happening in politics or the world at large.

Hear exactly how in this video!

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Cleaning Company Bidding Tips for 2021

Hey Cleaning Nation. Today I want to talk about some bidding tips you can use in 2021.

Here are some of my top tips on how to understand your value and make a profit.

Get clear on your why
Believe they are only customers if they bring profit. The key word there is profit. Just giving you money does not make them a customer.
Know that your value is the ability to understand and communicate their pain, not clean.
Charge based on the value you bring
Your playground, your rules.
Charge premium pricing (AT LEAST 50% gross profit)
Charge in advance.
Charge everyone.
Those who pay are paying attention!

Not only do we make great money, because we charge enough, we have all the resources to make sure our clients get the same results. When your clients start believing you are premium, you start believing it in every part of your life, business and other.

If you LOVE this, but need more encouragement and help, join us LIVE for two days with the link below to walk through this and ALL the KEY foundations you need to make your business work.

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Why Giving Thanks is Key to Your Cleaning Company

Giving thanks is the overlooked secret weapon for business owners.

As entrepreneurs, we are wired to look at the gap between where we are and where we feel we should be.

In this special Thanksgiving episode, join me as I dive into why being grateful is KEY anytime of year.

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How to Balance Growing Your Cleaning Company with Your Home Life

Mike’s beautiful bride, Nathalie, hops on today as our guest host to share her tips on how to balance growing your cleaning company with your home life!

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Is YOUR Website Growing Your Cleaning Company?

Either you have a website, but it’s not generating leads, or you don’t have one and you don’t want to waste a bunch of time and money on something that won’t grow your cleaning company. The thing is, your online presence is saying A LOT about you whether you like it or not… even if you choose not to enter the conversation. Today we’re going to explore a bunch of false assumptions we hear all the time in Cleaning Nation!

False Belief: All of my customers come from referrals so I don’t need a website.
If you are happy with your growth, know 100% it will never stop, and don’t care what the world says or thinks about your company, you absolutely don’t need a website . However even if you are getting referrals, are you confident they will always keep coming in?

False Belief: People come to my website to learn about my company and what we do.
People come to your website to SOLVE a problem. They do NOT care about YOU.
Talk about THEIR favorite subject (HINT: It’s the opposite of YOU)
Do an “I/ you” count on your website. Ideally you want less “I”s and “We”s and make it more about THEM. For example “We’re a cleaning company” vs “You’re looking to feel good when you come home and not have to worry about cleaning up!”

False Belief: My website is awesome.
It’s REALLY IMPORTANT you are CLEAR on how you are judging your website.
If the goal of your website is to make you “look professional”, maybe it is awesome.
If the goal of your website is to convert lookers into leads, the only way to judge is what percentage of visitors take some sort of action.
Track visitors using tools like Google analytics and see how many of those became leads.

False Belief: I should tell people to “call now for a free estimate”.
Less than 1% are going to do that and those people are likely going to call either way.
Make an offer that 10 or 20 or 30% of your visitors will say yes to so you can continue the conversation.
A free estimate is a third or fourth date offer- start with something simple.
Give them some value for free! For example, you could make a “10 Ways to Make House Cleaning Easier” guide as a free, downloadable PDF.

False Belief: The more pages on my website, the better.
The reality is- the more ACTION you get your visitors to take the better. Less choices = More action!

False Belief: The more information I give on my website the better.
Actually, try thinking “The more value I bring to them, the faster they reach out to me for help.” The magic formula is: Stranger→ Know/ Like/ Trust → Reach out for bid → Customer

Once you move from brochure to funnel you can have more customers than you can handle getting to know, like, and trust you so they reach out to YOU when they are ready to buy and you can give up chasing and begging forever!

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