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Time & Money Freedom from Your Cleaning Company

“If you want something done RIGHT, then do it yourself”

That used to be my driving mantra.

I wanted to grow my company fast, but my beliefs were holding me back…

Beliefs that:
I could do it better
My employees would screw it up
Doing it myself would make my company grow faster
My customers demanded that I be the one to do everything
I couldn’t afford to hire the right people to do the right things

The truth was- the ONE problem I couldn’t solve was NOT seeing I was the problem!

Sound familiar?

I knew that in order to truly be FREE, to have real TIME & MONEY freedom, I had to figure this out.

And you do too!

If not- we can never grow beyond the team size we are able to lead.

Your business will always have a “speed limiter”, dictated by the team you are willing to grow and the level you are willing to let others succeed AND fail.

Here is what I learned about creating a business model that allows you to hire the right people and attain that freedom

I share the step by step process here in this video!

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